Artist Bios

Maria Guarino currently lives in Northampton, MA. She likes oreos and feminism, and hates small talk.

Dominique Thiébaut is a long time resident of the Pioneer Valley and currently makes his home in Northampton, Massachusetts. After first studying figure drawing and watercolor techniques for several years with many talented local teacher artists, including Brooke Schnabel, Paula Gottlieb, and Susan Halls, Dominique switched to digital painting on tablets a few years ago, and is exhibiting some of this work for the first time at the Anchor House.   When painting, Dominique uses  a stylus and an iPad Pro.

Ian Bauer is a photographer and musician in Northampton. His website is

Noah Luke grew up in a small town named Dudley, Massachusetts. He is currently a Communications major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. A film lover at heart, he enjoys spending his days in a movie theater with a nice large popcorn. He hopes to eventually write his own film one day, and currently devotes time to writing different short screenplays.