In February, 2020, Anchor House of Artists exhibited a series of areas often overlooked, such as the body, light and sound, and the power of fantasies to manipulate reality. Maria, Cori, and Anya aim to reclaim unquestioned narratives about how we perceive the world: taking light, in its softness, for granted; the denial of the role fantasy plays in shifting reality; and feeling disgust or fear when witnessing a seizure. Created by women and non-binary people, we name these spaces “ElseSpaces,” keeping in mind that though our producers and creations are people and spaces which are often “othered” or “alternative,” we aim to shift our perceptions of these spaces forward. They are not dominant- they are else.

Poster Designed by Anya Klepacki

The goal of my ElseSpace is to create a space that goes beyond the horror of epilepsy. A space that captures the beauty and confusion I feel right before having a tonic clonic seizure. The complete tranquility of the post-seizure brain. The ecstasy and excitement of losing control. I do not aim to erase the negatives (because they exist!) – but to create a space where epilepsy can be explored and not hidden, shamed, or scared of.

What would your ElseSpace feel like?